I Can’t Eat That, But You Go Ahead

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Image: © Briana Blair

Image: © Briana Blair

I’ve heard people complain about it so many times: “My partner can’t eat X, so I never get to have it.” My question is, why not?

I’ve never understood people who will refuse to allow their significant other to eat something because they can’t. That’s just so selfish. Why deny someone else something they enjoy? Just because you can’t have it, that doesn’t give you the right to keep it from them.

I can’t eat mushrooms because I’m allergic. Sure, it’s hard to be around them because I love the smell, but I don’t stop anyone around me from having them. Sometimes they refrain of their own free will, but I never ask them too, and have made it quite clear that they’re free to have them. I’m not going to be that selfish. It’s just mean and wrong.

So why do people do that? And it’s not just food. They’ll keep their partner from watching shows they like or engaging in activities they enjoy too. I don’t get that. There are some shows Eric likes that I don’t and vice versa, so we just set time where we get to watch stuff alone. Sure, we prefer sharing TV time together, but sometimes we just don’t want to watch what the other one does. We never refuse to allow the other one what they want though.

I think people need to be more understanding. Wrap your head around the fact that you not liking something is not a legitimate reason for keeping other people from it. Let them have and do their own thing, even if it’s not your thing

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