Chanting To Ease Or Stop Pain

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Image: © Briana Blair, My handmade japa mala

Some time back I started learning about Buddhism, and I made myself a Japa Mala and started chanting. I’ve actually found that it can be incredibly helpful.

I chant for various different reasons, but one of the greatest things I’ve found is chanting to relieve pain. I have a number of health issues that I’m working on, and I have quite a bit of pain some days. I’ve found that chanting can make the pain less, or in many cases, make it disappear completely.

The chant I use is “Om tare tutarre ture soha”. This is a common Buddhist healing chant. I will focus my mind on the area that hurts, and begin chanting. I also envision an infinity symbol with a ball of light traveling around it. I try to get the ball to move at a smooth, even pace around the infinity symbol. I continue chanting for 108 repetitions or until the pain is gone. Often the pain is gone before I reach 108.

I haven’t gotten it to work for severe head pain, but I’ve gotten it to work for just about everything. Of course, I have a low tolerance for head/tooth pain and it’s very hard to focus when I have it. I’ve managed to deal with a lot of other nasty pains though.

Have you found unconventional/spiritual ways to deal with pain and illness? Have you ever used “Om tare” to ease your pain?

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    That japa mala is pretty!

      Briana Blair

      Thank you. I made it myself.

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