Computers Are Already Thinking For People

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computer laptop-pixaSome people worry that in time AI and computers will be thinking for people, and running the world. The truth is, it’s already happening.

People are already thinking for themselves less and letting computers do it for them. Gone are the days of remembering dates and tasks with your brain, we use digital planners and phone alarms to remember for us. People are forgetting how to spell and write because computers have spelling and grammar checks that can do it for us. No one does math longhand anymore, we use calculators and apps to do that.

More and more people are letting technology take over for things we used to do with our own brains. And that’s the scary thing, we’re doing it willingly. If Artificial Intelligence ever becomes sentient and decides to take over the world, it won’t be hard. Most people are so dependent on technology that they’ll have no choice but to become sheep to the computers the way they are now to the media.

Computers aren’t all bad, but we need to remember how to do things for ourselves, and do them. Write a letter on paper. Do math in your head or on paper. Turn off your spell-checker. Remember things on your own. Use your brain instead of letting it rot between your ears while computers and “smart” phones do everything for you.

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